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Universities choices for content management

Posted in content management, education, Plone by Ricardo Alves on December 11, 2007

The University of California at Davis released the preliminary results of a survey on web CMS adoption by universities. It was released October 22, 2007, but it’s worth the reading. This survey may be of little significance, since the sample includes a total of 129 respondents, but, as Kas Thomas states in CMSWatch Trends, we can confirm the idea that “even the best minds in the world can’t agree on how to do content management”.

It’s also interesting to see that for universities using a web CMS, a large number uses a custom built solution. For the ones using solutions available on the market, Plone is the most adopted. The comments page also includes some interesting opinions about the issues raised in this particular context of content management.

Another important information is that a large majority of universities don’t consider mandatory the usage of the adopted web CMS. This means that each department, faculty or institute will make its own choices. But that’s the nature of universities, and maybe that’s the way it should be.