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Braga Geek Nights

Posted in Uncategorized by Ricardo Alves on April 5, 2010

Last year, at Braga, with the help of friends, colleagues and also some teachers from University of Minho’s Department of Informatics, I’ve started Braga Geek Nights, a project that aims to bring together geeks from the Minho region (Portugal), to share their views and experiences about technologies, science and other geek stuff.

The concept is based on the Oxford Geek Nights, but with a broader range in regard to the session subjects (not necessarily focused on web related technologies). Each monthly session is made of two or three talks, which may be related to a common subject or completely independent.

Braga Geek Nights

Braga Geek Nights

From June 2009 till now, we had eight sessions, on a regular monthly basis (each first tuesday in the month). Exceptions were August and September mainly because, due to our proximity to the university’s campus, student speakers and attendees play a major role, and so we missed this period, filled with vacations and exams. So far, the reception to each session has been great and I hope the event keeps growing.

Tomorrow, April 6th, we’ll have the ninth session (April 2010). If you think you’re a geek and live near Braga, don’t miss it.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Ricardo Alves on November 25, 2007

This blog is intended to include my opinions and thoughts about software development for the web and its specific issues, like browser support, accessibility, usability and web standards compliance. Having developed web applications with Python/Zope/Plone for a few years, I’ll also give some extra attention to the reality of the Plone world.

More will be posted soon. Stay tuned!